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Getting Started | Building Design Consultation


Building design advice & drafting service for Cairns & Far North Queensland home owners.

How close can I build to the boundary? I want the renovation to match the existing house. I want to add rooms under my high-set house. Do I have to worry about floods? What is the building approval process?

Put simply: The best way to answer all your building project questions is to meet you face-to-face at your property and chat with you about your options. Our consultation process helps us to strengthen your ideas, point out other logical options, understand the structural constraints of your project and try to avoid any unforeseen construction surprises for your builder.

Essential tips to get the most out of your initial building design consultation:

  • Allow about 2 hours and try to have all interested parties attend. You don’t need to be there for the whole time, just for the initial consultation and decision making process.
  • Try to obtain the original house plans from Council.
  • Request a sewer search from Council that will show where your house drains and Council’s sewer line are located.
  • If you are in a low lying area or Cairns City generally it is a good idea to investigate possible storm water flooding. General information is freely available or contact us and we can do a search of Council’s planning documents.
  • Try to create basic sketches or floor plans that illustrate your ideas and needs.
  • Cut-out pictures from magazines that reflect your renovation likes or dislikes.
  • Talk to your friends about your ideas. They often see things that you don’t and can come up with some good ideas.
  • It is advisable to have a soil test done in the area of the proposed project. A soil test is essential for new houses.

You don’t have to think of everything. With our guidance you will soon be aware of possible project limitations, ramifications of different construction options and other possible ways of achieving your home project results.

Need inspiration?

See examples of Home Improvement Designers’ completed works in Far North Queensland.

At your initial consultation

What you’ll get from us at your initial onsite consultation…

  • A quote for the cost of designing and drawing your house plans including engineer certification ready for a builder to give you a firm quote.
  • We will try to ensure that you have a good understanding of any major impacts involved and how the finished project will look.
  • We will also provide an estimate of other fees associated with gaining a permit to build.
  • If you agree to these costs, we will take detailed measurements needed to put your ideas onto paper and verify all new and existing structural constraints.

Take the next step towards starting your house renovation, extension or relocation project. Whether you live in the Tully-Cairns-Cooktown region or the Atherton Tablelands, make your obligation-free onsite appointment with Home Improvement Designers and talk to a skilled building designer today.