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About Home Improvement Designers

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Helping Far North Queenslanders make confident home improvement design decisions.

Whether it’s a simple renovation or a complex extension, a house relocation or a house lift, the aim is always the same: provide the best design solution for the client and ensure the end result is what the client envisaged. Operating in Far North Queensland since 1992, you can trust Home Improvement Designers with your most valuable asset: your home.

•Design compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other related regulations
•All jobs certified and stamped by a local engineer and an energy rating certifier (if required)
•Over 20 years’ experience you can trust
•Personalised and trusted service you can rely on
•Prompt completion of your building designs

Relocating or lifting Old Queenslander homes in Cairns & Far North Queensland

If you’re the proud owner of an Old Queenslander that you would like to relocate or lift to add rooms underneath, then you’ll want to invest in an experienced building designer. These housing gems – a symbol of tropical Queensland – often require specialist expertise.

With over 50 house relocations and house lifts under our design belt, your Old Queenslander is in safe hands.

A few things we DON’T do…

•We never presume to know better than you
•We will never rush you on making project decisions
•We will not surprise you with hidden building design fees

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Forget “stick-on” house extensions and poorly designed home improvements. Our aim is to give your home a makeover that naturally blends with your existing house structure.

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